Which lamp to the bathroom?

A bathroom it is not only a space where we make daily beauty treatment. It is also a space of relax, a place where we rest, and even a private well-being studio. Each of this functions requires a bit different type of lamps. Particularly essential for contemporary women is proper mirror lighting that allows perform a perfect make-up. The most optimal solution is to place the light by both sides of the mirror or one lengthwise wall-lamp over the mirror. Preferably, if the shades would be made of opal glass – then emitted light will be dispersed and it will get softer character. Thanks to the fact, the shadows outlining on the face won’t be sharp, what lets proper match the intensity of make-up.

How to light a mirror in the bathroom?

In Britop Lighting’s offer there are many series of products dedicated to perfect mirror lighting. There are elegant bathroom wall lamps to install line above the mirror that have regulated arm what lets you direct the light to the proper point. There are also simple, elegant slim bars with one or two spotlights. Whereas, the wall lamps have opal glass and acrylic glass lampshades what provides proper light dispersion. There are available some kinds of finishing: chrome, satin or copper that let match the model to the bathroom in modern as well as classic style. Wall lamps with traditional or candle-shaped can be matched with lamps dedicated to be installed line above mirror. A complement of the set may be a moveable magnifying mirror facilitating perform a perfect make-up. Britop Lighting’s bathroom models have IP 20 or IP 40 certificates, ensuring resistance and protecting from moisture and dripping. Wall lamps with possibility of installation on cases or mirrors are particularly noteworthy, they let fast installation by hanging on the mirror – without drilling.

Furniture’s and bathroom’s lighting

Some of models in bathroom’s Britop Lighting’s offer can be used as elegant furniture’s lighting or accent lighting. Stylish wall lamps depending on the place of installation may be used in many ways. They allow better exposure, expose interesting elements of furniture, arts or original wall structure, and they help with diversifying interior’s décor, ensuring moody atmosphere after dark.

What is significant, Britop Lighting’s models use LED technology, thanks to the fact, even during long-lasting usage, they don’t cause increased electricity consumption.

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