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Imagine steep stairs leading to the attic or your room located at the end of a narrow corridor. Without an auxiliary lighting these areas seem to be gloomy and offish, and a leading way unpleasant. No wonder: stairs and corridors often do not have an access to natural light, therefore without proper lighting they remain hidden in duskiness. For that reason they should be equipped with additional lighting that provides comfort, safety and convenience of moving. LED architectural luminaire of BRITOP Lighting’s LED Line series, designed according to the newest pattern trends are ideal for this issue. Each luminaire is equipped with long life LED light source with high level of energy-efficiency. Thanks to the fact, the communication routes can be always perfectly lighted and we do not have to worry about high consumption of electricity.

Led Line 2017

In the collection of BRITOP Lighting’s LED line there are some groups of product made for lighting of stairs and communication routes. Led luminaries Fortune entirely made of Italian mirror are novelty in the offer. A surface reflecting the light perfectly harmonizes with surrounding of raw architectural concrete or rugged brick creating intriguing stylistic contrast such desired in present concepts of interiors. Mirror luminaries are accompanied by simple, geometric shapes where luminous flux is emerged in the middle of luminarie. Emerging light illuminates all directions, both sides, up and down softly lighting surface of the steps as well as a part of a wall. In BRITOP Lighting’s offer there are also Live and Magic luminaries emerging the luminous flux only down what limits the possibility of blinding a passer-by – it is especially important in case of using the communication routes at night when eyes are particularly sensitive to change of light intensity. Informatico luminaries made of stainless steel with possibility of engraving for instance a logo or company’s name or sign of a destined place are a complement of the assortment, useful peculiarly in public buildings joining function of accent lighting with informative role.

We are setting an example

Led line stairs luminaries series, it is not only the highest class of design, it is also care about the environment and balanced energy consumption. We know that life span of that kind of lighting is crucial, because it is switched on for long night hours. For that reason each model of the collection is equipped with high efficiency and durability LED sources of the light. Functionality, ecology and good design – they are the main characteristics of the BRITOP Lighting’s LED line series of luminaries, which provide unabated popularity.

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