Designed to the youngest

Cheerful animals and colorful cars are only some examples of motives decorating BRITOP Lighting’s lamps designed to the youngest home-dwellers. Modern children’s lamp not only will decorate the room, but they also look almost as easy on the eye toys that are easy on the eye and they develop children’s imagination.

Children’s lamps – to learn and to play

In the offer of BRITOP Lighting company dedicated to children’s room you can find plafonds, wall lamps as well as spots with colorful applications. Besides pattern function, all the lamps fulfill numerous practical roles. The plafonds evenly light the interior, ensuring general lighting during playing; wall lamps will provide moody light during preparing the children to bed and spot headlight with movable cover can be adjusted and the luminous flux may light any point for example during evening reading of fairytales. In the assortment of BRITOP Lighting company there are children’s lamp dedicated to girls’ rooms – with motives of cheerful animals and to boys’ rooms – referring to motorization. Rich offer of colorful plafonds, wall-lamps and spots gives an opportunity to choose one model of some lamps from the series, what lets you create coherent and certainly cheerful corner for the youngest home-dweller.

Practically perfect

What is important, BRITOP Lighting’s children’s lamps have thread that matches to popular and widely available bulbs GU10LED, and in the plafonds there is possibility to set LED bulbs what lets saving electricity. Installing lighting in children’s room it is worth considering a special fade-out system installation, which helps to adjust the intensity of light in order to slow adaptation the child to the dusk.

Safety above all else

Lamps to children’s room, besides esthetic qualities should meet the highest standards of safety, for this reason BRITOP Lighting company offers only products made of materials of the best quality. All the lamps of the collection have the Certificate of conformity CE, testifying that products correspond with a directive, so-called “New Approach” of European Union. These guidelines concern issues related to safety of usage, healthcare, environmental protection and they define possible danger that should be eliminated by the producer.

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