Towards the light

The main feature, but also the advantage of spots, is the ability to direct the light beam in a particular direction and easy to change it. This way, we can perfectly illuminate the place where we perform an activity requiring greater light intensity or expose the selected interior design element. The light stream coming from the spotlights has a shape similar to that of the cone, which precisely illuminates a strictly defined area. Britop Lighting spots are also available in the form of multi-point ceiling strips. These lamps can serve as general lighting, effectively illuminating the entire interior.

Modern design

Varied design and a multitude of combinations - these words can describe Britop Lighting. Available in a variety of finish colors: pure white, deep black, red, modern chrome, warm copper, elegant satin, classic antique brass and concrete. Thanks to the varied design and colors, the spots can melt into the arrangement and function as a discrete source of light, or create a visible, avant-garde element of modern arrangement.
Modern, mostly minimalist designs, will best be presented in the interiors of the modernist convention. There are models resembling naked bulbs, spotlights and even futuristic sculptures. Contemporary Scandinavian interiors will gain some warmth by introducing spots with a harmonious rounded shape and a smooth, monochrome surface in copper sunlight. Loft spaces are ideal for spotting in the shade of raw concrete, while classics will appreciate patina paintings with glass bowls decorated with wavy presses.

Light combinations

All Britop Lighting spots are available in one, two, three or four light points. Single point luminaires are also designed for wall mounting, while more luminaires are recommended for ceiling mounting. This makes it possible to bring in both attractive general lighting and highlight selected interior elements - works of art, plants or curious texture of the wall.
With the ability to install long-life LED bulbs, Britop Lighting spots are not only environmentally friendly but also pocket friendly. 

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