We emphasize lighting

Each interior requires a complement to the main source of light with additional spotlights. This way we emphasize the charm of stylization, accent more important areas and light places where more lighting is required. BRITOP Lighting company has a diversified offer in own assortment. The wall-lamps are available in many designs and colors: white, ecru, chrome, satin, gold and black. The products are made of metal and some of them have a high quality lampshade made of fabric. Offered products have avant-grade, intriguing forms, that is why they are dedicated to modern, minimalistic interiors.

Spot lighting

Each of us has at home a favourite place where especially likes spending the time, reading books, reading magazines, knitting or relaxing. These activities cannot be performed only with ceiling lamp, for this reason it is important to install a proper spot lighting over a favourite armchair. Models of BRITOP Lighting are equipped with flexible, regulated arms finished, which direct the proper luminous flux directly to selected point. A part of them have also a second spot-light with a lampshade that provides moody and more dispersed lighting. Some of the wall-lamps offered by BRITOP Lighting company are enriched with a small shelf where an alarm-clock, pens and pencils, a book or a mobile phone can be laid down.

Accent lighting

In BRITOP offer there are also wall-lamps that provide more dispersed light . Placed on the wall they create a moody climate in the interior, they also care about our sight illuminating the room while watching TV. Wall-lamps of BRITOP Lighting have original 3D forms, what makes that rather than lamps, they are reminiscent of modern sculptures and that is an additional decoration of the interior. More traditional models were equipped with classic, rectangular or cone-shaped lampshades made of fabric emerging soft, delicate light.

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