Casper – a design created by nature

New trends rarely are created in isolation from reality. Designers are watchful observers of changing world, who arranging a new space try to identify true longings and dreams of ordinary people. Concret jungle has always targeted as the aim of their interests. What more can a typical inhabitant of a big city ask for if not a return to nature?

Eco trend comes from natural needs of metropolis inhabitants who are tired of technology and consistent rush, and who wish to rest in an ambience of relaxation.

Trends in harmony with nature

Rustic and Scandinavian styles have their orgins in above mentioned issues. The particular signs of these styles are cozy interiors contrasting with raw décor of staff’s open-space. In warm, reminiscent of rural chambers spaces you can really relax and regenerate before next day of work. Design that is inspired by nature, bets on organic materials and retro-style finishing. Solid wood, wiped floors, cast-iron ferrules, soft fabric these are only some of determinants of rustic aesthetics. They have little in common with recently popular DIY trend. Contemporary elements of interior arrangement referring to effects of craftsman like work are well-conceived examples of modern pattern of the highest standards.

BRITOP upholds responsible design

Not insignificant for popularity of rural trends remains also a matter of responsibility for our planet. For that reason, BRITOP company, aware of importance of balanced development and harmony in the nearest environment, offers to the clients collections inspired by green ideals rustic-signed. Resignation of plastic and disposable items in favor of recycling and economical use of natural raw materials these are ideas inspiring company’s designers. An example of an accessory connoting traditional items “with soul” may be Casper, a lamp which form is reminiscent of wooden bucket. This proposition is available in two dimensions, what lets match it to a bigger or a smaller room or hang them as two or more lamps together. The lampshade made of natural wood is characterized by interesting texture and visible grain of the wood. Natural roughness in the length of woodblocks, which the lampshade is composed of, are reminiscent of folk craftsmen’s effects of work and a metal buckle is an original decorative element. It is worth to mark that Casper has a popular E27 bulb thread, which enables installing any type of LED bulb. Casper is a suitable lamp to the kitchen introducing cozy, homey vibes, as well as set of some lamps will be an appropriate item to the living-room and hallway.

Return to the nature it is a phenomenon that never loses its popularity. Permanent development inspired by this phenomenon confirms the fact that need of staying in surrounding of objects characterized by authenticity and having “soul” never gets old.