Edwin lamps – accolade of simplicity

Sometimes running after design innovations we decide to purchase an impressive element of the interior’s décor without paying attention to its functionality. Unfortunately, fashion fades and original chandeliers or extraordinary sofas after some months do not enrapture any more, and we can note all their drawbacks. It doesn’t have to be like this. Art design may unite aesthetics with functionality, if only it is focused on naturalness and simplicity.

Recently, in the field of art design, the trend of projecting extraordinary elements of decoration without functionality has been observed. As a result, most of the products apart from visual value, do not have much to offer. But benefaction of minimalistic art design cannot be overstated. Its universalism and authenticity is getting back in graces.

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring

Observing the newest trends in applied art we may feel a bit overwhelmed by omnipresent excess of form. So it is not surprising that we desire other sources of inspiration. We can find them in art design reaching to classic and creative use of its patterns. An alternative to highfaluting, sophisticated forms, will be return to natural raw materials as raw wood, colorless glass and fittings made of metal. Frugal drawing of decoration and classic shapes of the interiors’ decoration are well-considered. The advantage is that simple objects may match to the interior’s character, being a discreet decoration of the room maintained in a rustic as well as glamour style. They are complement of the style rather than its central point. They are as jewellery that may give a particular tone or emphasize the style of composition.

Less is more

Especially in sector of lamps that recently has been very popular because of peculiar lampshades and provocative materials, trend that is heading to simplicity and restrained form is peculiarly visible.


Propositions of Britop Lighting company also enter in that direction. A good example of an economical and eye-friendly design is Edvin model. Hanging lamp Edwin made of glass and metal has got a harmonious and clear form. A subtle decorations of lampshade in the color of wood and an overhang made of chromed ties make toned character of this full of charm lamp. The lampshade is available in three forms: spherical, columnar or conical. It is made of transparent glass which evenly distracts the light, so it is an ideal lamp to the kitchen or dining-room providing lighting to each nook of the room. It is worth to use a LED filament bulb, which thanks to soft, honey-colored fills the room with pleasant, warm light.
Simplicity and restraint in art design seem to be a reliable response to current extravagant trends. It cannot be forgotten that aside from look, a functional aspect of elements of interior’s decoration matters and aesthetic value must correspond with its practical functions.