Glass lampshade in main role

Recently, lampshades made of transparent or mat glass are getting more and more popular. Without doubt glass lampshades are impressive decoration of a lamp, however many users have doubts – aside from visual value are there also any practical advantages?

Lamps with glass lampshade are an interesting alternative for traditional lampshades made of semi-transparent or impermeable to light fabric. And even though decision about installing that kind of lighting may seem risky, a transparent lampshade has more advantages than you may think.

A lamp with a glass lampshade – who is it for?

A transparent lampshade will be a functional decoration of the kitchen. A glass lampshade which the hanging lamp is equipped with, enables even distribution of soft light, while the opening at the bottom lets stronger streak of light be directed on working table. Undisputed advantage of the lamps is also a discreet aesthetics: because of that, the lamps “blend into” surrounding and brilliantly emphasize the nature of the interior maintained in vivid colors for example. Their subtle design harmonizes with small rooms, because a slim line of the lamp and a transparent lampshade does not overwhelm and it does not diminish the room optically. The transparent lampshade is not recommend to children’s room due to the source of light with the transparent glass lampshade may be too intensive for child’s eyes.

Nova illumination

Lamps with glass lampshades have the advantage that they harmonize with almost all interior styles. Offering neutral, balanced design, do not disturb room’s harmony. An example of that kind of universal lamp may be Nova – a transparent proposition from Britop Lighting company. Delicate shape of glass lampshade is reminiscent of household goods and it harmonizes with dining-room’s atmosphere. 

Depending on demand, we can decide on single spotlight with circular, longitudinal or columnar lampshade, or we can choose a model with three different lampshades. We also recommend to install in one place some of single hangs of Nova series, thereby arranging the interior according to own, unique idea. Chrome ceiling line makes it elegant, and composed with marble elements of interior décor enters in recently popular cold version of Scandi Chic style. An additional advantage of glass lampshades of Nova Series it is possibility to expose a decorative bulb: Edison LED, in standard or retro stylistics or delicate, opal-glass bulb emitting toned light. Nova has got an universal E27 bulb thread.

Properly chosen lamp decides on the nature of the room: it shapes the interiors hiding their weak points and emphasizes advantages. Amon many models available on the market, Britop Lighting’s lamps with glass lampshade are one of the most interesting propositions of this season and surely they are an option worth to consider.