Made-to-measure design

We are admirers of craft and art enthusiasts, so we know that the best design is a combination of these two elements. We are not afraid of work at the grass roots. We are involved in each stage of creating our products – from close cooperation with architects, furniture designers and designers of decorative elements, through supervise choice of the best materials, to the construction of the models and their distribution. 

We lean on own experience, but we also willingly benefit from competences of designers, experts in industrial design field, craftsmen and people who work in the field. Listening carefully to others, we try to continuously improve and enrich our offer, so that everybody could find a piece of himself and own really comfortable space.

However, by case-by-case approach we mean also matching the lamps to specific architecture style – we are aware that public buildings have different dimensions and they are organized in different way than living areas. Though, both spaces should be arranged in good sense of style, hence our lamps destined to large commercial areas as well as those dedicated to intimate interiors are refined in every single detail. 

In our offer there are future-proof lamps that ideally harmonize with traditional interiors as well as models dedicated to modern interiors.
Our series of classic lighting, which is finished with antique brass and decorated with fancy lampshades made of white sandblasted glass are loved by admirers of elegant, classic arrangements and fans of rustic and manorial style.

Designing wall-lamps and accent lighting we were thinking about modern interiors as well as about functionality and interesting patterns.
We wanted to make our lamps a part of internal architecture of the house, a kind of sculpture emerging light. For this reason creating an assortment we have balanced users’ practical and aesthetic needs.

Similar desire accompanied us during creating series of spotlights that are available in many patterns and color options. 
However, consistent experimentation with form, texture, color and dimension makes the greatest joy.
Then it turns out that a lamp doesn’t have to be equipped with a lampshade, and other than fabric fits as well as traditional glass does and may as well finish lighting luminaire.
We try, check, improve, often simplify…and we set new trends.

Just like that a new collection of modern lighting - that we are especially proud of, was created. Mostly, they are hanging lamps, carefully designed and precisely made. Among those lamps we will not find any schematic nor conventional luminaries. This line was created for admirers of sophisticated design, who arranging own interiors pay attention to specific items and they are aware of the power of detail.  During its creation we were inspired by raw loft areas as well as exclusive Hampton style; we drew inspiration from fields as architecture, history, science, technology and even…daily utensils seemingly not related to interior design like wooden tubs, pails or bottles for soda! That lets us for maximal diversification of our luminaries’ form, but to emphasize their non-schematic design we experiment also with surface finishing. There are monochromatic, wiped finishing, but also colors as concrete, chrom, antique brass, copper or wood. We precisely work on each form to make them eye-friendly while emerging moody light as well as being a decoration when it is switched off. 
Minimalistic stairs and wall luminaries of LED Line series using high durability and lifespan LED lamps, bathroom’s and furniture’s lighting and children’s room lighting, are a complement of our collections.  

Electric light was generated as a transformation of sunlight. We remember about the Sun – our exemplar and about the nature, which we want to protect. That is why all our lamps are adjusted to energy-efficient LED bulb montage, which not only let minimalize electricity bill, but also they are ecological. To their production harmful mercury or any materials that can be a danger for natural environment are not used.