Merging colors – yellow in the interiors

Psychology of color it is a field which almost all architects make use of durning interior’s arrangement. No wonder, it is proven that an appropriate selection of colors affects not only our state of being, but also our health. An appropriate match of colors especially matters if we arrange our interior using intense basic colors, including especially up-to-date in this season yellow. We are suggesting how to integrate the color of the sun into interiors to make them not only fashionable, but also comfortable live in.

Into the sun...

Color yellow has more than one name: it may be reminiscent of a lime, golden amber or precious, old gold. Use of colors is selected by having in mind both our preferences and room placement in regard to directions of the world. If our windows are aimed to the east, we take on warmer shade of yellow; dropping in rays of the rising sun make that the colors seem colder than they are in fact. Whereas, in rooms with windows directed on the south and on the west, we can breezily use citrus or neutral yellow – southern sun gives warmer radiance.

Color and function of the room

It is presumed that juicy, saturated tints of yellow spur into action, energize and improve concentration, that is why they are used in study-rooms, kitchens and modern living-rooms. By contrast, whitish, discreet yellow that calms, eases the tension and helps to relax can be applied in a bedroom. Through the saturation and color scheme we can shape proportions of the space: vivid, warm color optically brings closer to an eye, therefore canary yellow excellently match on the back wall of long and narrow room. While cold, pale shadows seem to retract, so we can apply them in smaller rooms.

Black and grey – for careful explorers

Integrating in interiors such a characteristic yellow color might be quite a challenge. We should remember that in order to arrange the space in an intriguing, not overwhelming way, at most three colors may be applied. The proportions should be more or less like 70% to 20% to 20%, where the major part makes neutral basic color, 20% complementary colors and 10% accent colors. Depending on the shadow, yellow may be or a contrast addition to the whole arrangement, basic color or complementary color. A set of combination of grey and yellow is quite safe. Delicate, straw-yellow so-called bahama yellow or lime shade will add more modern expression to classic ashy shadow. It will be a function of balancing color, taming more saturated yellow making the arrangement more elegant. The whole arrangement may be completed with white which additionally mitigates color contrast.

Black and yellow – for contemporary revolutionist

A bold alternative for grey is rich black. Here, the most spectacular effects will be achieved by composing saturated yellow and deep black. This color composition presents in the best way in contemporary interiors and harmonize well with more defined styles as pop-art or high-tech.  Yellow presents very well as modern plastic, metal or glass utensils. Black may be introduced in form of polished coffee tables, structural wall patterns or accessories: lamps, flower-pots oraz simple, metal chairs.

(Grey) – golden mean, happy medium

However, if we feel that there is too strong contrast between the elements of the interior we should not be afraid to replace some black elements with deep grey objects, which on the one hand remains as a counterbalance for sunny yellow, on the other hand it mitigates a bit the tension between colors. Britop Lighting’s lamp Boston in dark ashy shadow fits ideally. Its massive, metal lampshade topped with trellis refers to postindustrial style, it will look great in contemporary soft-lofts and spacious interiors of renovated tenement houses. Emerging soft light limits raw nature of the lamp, and in the evening it becomes an additional yellow element of the interior. We should always remember to “calm” contrast colors and balance them with neutral shadow, for exapmle: white. On the white background, intensive colors will always be amazingly exposed and additionaly they will gain more expressivness.