Postindustrial plays with form

For some time it has been said that popular industrial style is setting aside and new, warmer trends are appearing. Nothing more deceiptive! Industrial design is fine and it is not going to go out of date. However, it shows new, friendlier side and decides to get inspirations from world of art. Presence of precious, sophisticated models, especially those characterized by geometric structure has been presumed by Vogue one of the most important interior design trend in 2017.

Concrete and mirror design, in recent years has been one of the indisputable interior bestsellers. Minimalistic and at the same time bold, rejected classic attitude to interior décor, betting on simplicity of lines and freedom of arrangement. And though the style had as many followers as opponents, there was consequence of creating cold, even ascetic interiors and liking for technical, raw design of interior décor’s elements.

Artistic inspirations

However, classic urban industrial slowly drains its conventional formula and becomes amenable to experiments that can introduce a bit of freshness and humor into its frugal and postindustrial profile. Taupe or greige are replaced by typical grey, and raw, monochromatic interiors get a warmer look thanks to redware and brick red. Utility as a main determinant of loft style makes over to aesthetics of modern art galleries: elements of interior décor are reminiscent of a small piece of art and avant-grade pattern lines refer to linear forms inspired by Alexander Calder’s industrial sculptures, which are moved by smallest puff of wind. 

Britop – freshness of a new look

Ideal example of lighting which enters into modern trends is Telaio lamp from Britop’s collection. Light, which so far has been carving blocks of spacious interior and has been giving oldschool look, was introducing or by industrial lamps with typical trellis, or by heavy chandeliers equipped with Edison's bulb. Today Britop invites the users to dialogue and to play with form. Geometric frame of Telaio lamp is much more lighter, its silhouette is more elegant and its character refers to achievements of modern art. Finished with chrom, light, geometric construction of Telaio, which contrarily asks for a lampshadow, presents elegant bulbs. This fresh, breaking stereotypical thinking, with industrial design model, matches in loft interiors finished with brick or raw concrete, as well as in more traditional living-rooms, where owners dream to give them more innovative look. 
Easing ascetic forms of urban industrial was effectuated by art. Tamed postindustrial style surprises with freshness and lightness which certainly revive the most stylish interiors and they will stimulate the imagination in the nearest season.