Retro style in the new lighting collection

The retro style in the upcoming season will come not only in the fashion world, but also in the lighting industry. The combination of warm shades of wood, with the simplicity of black metal and the extravagance of filament bulbs will give a unique effect.


Wood is a material that has appeared as lighting in our homes in 2016, but the trend of the eco trend is still gaining strength thanks to which this material has become one of the most popular in the lighting industry. What is its phenomenon?

It is a material that in the interior design guests from the very beginning, only the forms of its use have changed. As a lamp, wood has until recently meant the completion of a warm and cozy interior, which, with the use of a suitable form, adds charm to the whole room. The year 2018, however, brought a completely different application of this universal material. Our latest collection is wood in an unobvious form - strongly industrial retro.

 How to get such a character? By using wood with a warm shade that replenishes the interior, but does not overwhelm it. Wood, on the other hand, should be complemented with a raw-metal metal that will balance the whole, thanks to which the lamps will fit not only into cozy rooms, but also to typical industrial finishes. In order to meet the expectations of our customers for production, we introduce different colors of finishing lamps from the wooden collection. You can choose oiled oak, birch and walnut. If you choose a lamp in a nut, the metal color of the frame is changed to white.

Is the combination of metal and wood a matter of course? It turns out that it is not. It is in vain to look for a series of lighting on the market that would contain such a duo. BRITOP Lighting was one of the first companies to introduce such products. In our offer we present not only spot type lamps, but a whole series of floor and table lamps, hanging lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps, thanks to which the entire interior will acquire a non-trivial character.