Timeless wood in the new collection of BRITOP Lighting standing lamps and table lamps

Wood is a trend which is still very popular in 2018. Universal and timeless, it brings warmth and cosiness to the interior. Designers find many uses for this material, combining it in original ways. 
One of the most fashionable additions is lamps made of wood or featuring wooden elements. 

Wood is one of the oldest materials used in interior design. It takes you closer to nature, supports the warmth of hearth and home, making the dwelling friendly and cosy. Despite its long history, it still finds new uses, introducing natural beauty into the interior.
Lamps made of wood are one of the main trends. They add character to the interiors, introducing a touch of subdued modernity. Appropriately selected, designer lighting is a unique decoration that will brighten up your evenings. How to choose a lamp that will perfectly complement the interior design?
Inspiration can be found in the latest collection of BRITOP Lighting standing lamps and table lamps. The entire series has been made with Polish certified wood and is FSC® certified.

Thanks to their simple design, the new models will look great both at home and in public spaces. Simplicity and universalism is BRITOP Lighting's recipe for elegant accessories in the best style.

The classical style of the ENNIE, LOTTA and JEUNESSE lamps are an asset for any interiors arranged in the Scandinavian or modern minimalist style. They will definitely appeal to lovers of the eco-style. 

ENNIE floor lamps are extremely versatile. Their compact size allows them to be used in any interior, and the slender, extendable legs of the wooden frame are wide enough to place, for example, a basket of newspapers underneath.

Additionally, ENNIE has removable legs, which makes it easy to transport. 
Lotta, in turn, is a tall wooden lamp. Its frame can be extended in such a way that the legs can be set as widely as required. The lamp can be wider or slimmer - it's up to you.
Both series feature table lamps, which are very adjustable and stylistically identical to the floor models.

The JEUNESSE group of products includes standing floor lamps and table lamps and a matching single wall sconce that is the perfect addition to the interior design of, for example, the bedroom.
All the lamps in this group have an adjustable arm which is topped by a lampshade hung on a cable with a cream-coloured textile sheath. The adjustable arm allows beam of light to be directed in the way the user wishes.

BRITOP offers the possibility of customising each product. Lampshades are available in white, cream, grey or black, or made from high-quality paper.  There is also the possibility of choosing the colour of the wooden frame - fashionable birch, oak, walnut or white, black or grey.
With such a large selection, you can create both subdued and contrasting combinations.