Eco responsibility

Eco responsibility, green politics or ecological awareness - these terms, although they have been increasingly heard in the public space in recent years - are still not enough in our opinion.

That is why we, as one of the largest manufacturers of designer lighting in Europe, feel obligated to ensure that our company's actions are in line with what we feel.

We feel that our environment, our planet deserves to put effort into certain activities and provide ecological solutions wherever possible.

Ecological responsibility is one of the overarching values ​​that have guided our company's policy for years. Therefore, when cooperating with us, buying our lighting fixtures, you can be sure that we do everything not to pollute the environment, not to destroy its natural resources, not to emit unnecessary CO2, or to use renewable energy sources and recycled materials.

We do it for you, for ourselves and for future generations.

Choose conscious brands consciously!

More details can be found in the ECO RESPONSIBILITY tab.