About us

BRITOP Lighting was founded in 2010 as a partnership of Christian Ortlieb, specialized in production and distribution of modern lighting. A company located in Bierawa, in the south of Poland, year on year records a stable increase of market value and an increase in sales. The company bets on continual development where the manufacturing of high quality products and professional customer service are the core. 

Enthusiasm and involvement of all employees led by the owner Christian Ortlieb and the CEO Monika Sopałowicz made that despite meaningful competition, BRITOP Lighting’s position on polish and international market, is still reasserting. Among plans for consecutive years, there is dynamic expansion, continuous improvement and diversifying offer of lighting products.

These facts made that we are proud of our work and at the same time we are ready to take further actions. What these data mean in practice? What does it stand for? What is its source? Well, a spark that gives rise to everything is passion, which for all years of company’s existence has been its driving force and a stimulant propelling to further work.

BRITOP Lighting company was established from the desire to provide to people positive energy which we have found in broadly defined lighting. Its lifeblood is love to the best design, deep people’s involvement, and first of all desire of continuous improvement. We have brought the company to life because we know that everybody wishes to feel comfortable at home that reflects the personality of the owner, no matter if it is a luxurious residence or traditional dwelling in a block of flats. That is why we still diversify the offer in order to be able to accurately fit into our customers’ tastes.

However, we have been always guided by the main principle: everyday exceed ourselves and the limits to provide to our Clients what they deserve – individualized design, the highest quality and functionality of offered products.

Desire of being better and better perfectly depicts our watchword:

BETTER Lighting? BRITOP Lighting!

It concerns not only the area of manufacturing lamps, but also employment policy, environmental protection issues, standards of promotion, customer service and relation with business partners.