Oaks have been growing on our planet for 65 million years and are truly long-lived, with an estimated average life span of more than 700 years.For the production of BRITOP lamps it uses a whole range of real wood species and not its substitutes. Precious and solid Polish oak, softness of birch and hardness of beech in combination with metal elements or natu ral fabrics - this is a classic beauty!
The oak elements that we use for the production of lighting fixtures are hand-oiled with a special mixture of natural oils, thanks to which they retain their natural appearance and character. Eco-friendly oil penetrates deep into the wood, without clogging the pores.

Beech wood, stained in the colour of American walnut, is extremely hard, at the same time maintaining the visible natural structure of the wood.

Birch wood, on the other hand, with its delicate grain and silky sheen, is secured with ecological varnish.

For the production of our lighting fixtures, we only use carefully selected FSC® certified wood.