Manual glass production is a process that begins with the human touch – without specialists and glass blowers, it would be impossible – which is why hand-made glass is so important to us: we always value work that is perfect in detail. The secret of superb glass lies in the special quality of the glass mass from which the lampshades are made. Hand-made glass has a higher gloss and transparency, which is important, and every piece is one-of-a-kind and unique – made with passion, commitment and skill.
First, a portion of glass is placed on a chromium-nickel tube and initially shaped, by
a glass blower. Then, it is worked with a wooden form to give the glass its final shape... The next stage of the glass production consists in manual decoration – e.g. gilding or silvering.

The simplicity, form and proportions of glass combined with wooden and metal elements is what makes our exclusive wooden lamps of 100% Polish origin so unique.