II Great Storage Cleaning in Bierawa

On 16-17.06.2018, the II Great Storage Cleaning took place at our headquarters in Bierawa. We are very pleased that, as in the previous year, the turnout was not disappointing and we could have fun together these two days.

Attractions that accompanied us throughout the weekend attracted attention not only of children but also of adults. They were the ones who looked with great interest at motorcyclists, who willingly agreed to organize special rides for children. As it turns out, not only for them, because some courageous parents willingly took advantage of this opportunity and felt the wind in their hair.

Of course, the tradition will be done and this year our youngest guests could participate in the workshops entitled "Build your lamp." Children not only learned the secrets of building lamps, but also had the opportunity to undergo a quick assembly course for which they received a personal certificate.

We are especially pleased that the offer available at the Picnic hit the taste of our guests, which resulted in the purchase of new lamps. We know that just like us, you can not say goodbye to some of them, but remember that changes are always good. In place of the old come new, fresh breezes of design, which will be hosted in the homes of our clients, conquering their hearts as quickly as the previous ones.

Thank you all for your presence and we hope that we will meet next year at the Third Great Storehouse Cleaning!